New EP Arms Wide Open

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“Arms Wide Open is a new collection of songs about welcoming the power of possibility into your life. It explores hopefulness, vulnerability, openness & retreat; but learning how to deal with life’s uncertainty and that it doesn’t always go the way we plan." Tennyson Nobel (Songwriter/Vocals/Keyboards).


'With a psychedelic sound conjuring imagery of summer and 7" records, The Lovely Days are creating a melody-driven soundscape that nods to superheroes like Tame Impala, ELO and Alabama Shakes, emanting musical vibes of the 60's and 70's' - AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association)

'Mixed by Eric J (Flume, Chet Faker, Flight Facilities), “Mornington” has the retro transplant qualities of Tame Impala, with psychedelic hazy guitar lines and spine-tingling harmonics. Vocalist Tennyson Nobel‘s striking falsetto glides over an infectious hook and shimmering, swirling layers' -

'Arms Wide Open EP follows last year’s debut self-titled EP and stands as a polished, deeply welcoming and imaginative sonic adventure, jam-packed with old-school jangle-rock harmonic purity, all pulled together with an inescapably modern sensibility' - The (Australia)

'(Mornington) Combining brightly lit guitar tones with syncopated melodies and percussion so crisp it could deflect bullets, it’s a track which doesn’t simply pick and choose at what’s been done before, rather taking those foundations laid by the past and building a monumental structure upon them'  - (Australia)

EP Premiere - Spill Magazine (Canada)

'Upbeat and with a message, the band carve out a defined and individual sound' - BeeHive Candy (US)

'The “all killer, no filler” phrase definitely applies to the EP...' - Im Music Magazine (US)


Like many bands The Lovely Days started in a garage but with a bit of a difference, brother's Holden and Tennyson Nobel were only five and seven at the time. Most days they squeezed in behind the Mitsubishi to learn their chops from their songwriter Dad. It was the start of a mad musical immersion - Mozart one day, McCartney or Radiohead the next.

As soon as they got their drivers licences they hightailed it to Melbourne from hometown Mullumbimby and hooked up with old school buddy Stephen Dickie, and new found friend Jackson McIvor to form The Lovely Days.

The Lovely Days emanates musical vibes resonant of the 60’s & 70’s: not to recreate a golden age but purely to invent a new one; authentic, hopeful and always in a groove with stand out harmonies and passionate musicality.

Tennyson Nobel [Keyboards, Vocals] : Holden Nobel [Bass, Vocals] : 

Stephen Dickie [Guitar, Backing Vocals] : Jackson McIvor [Drums]



"Being a breath of fresh air in today’s music, must be one of the most difficult things to achieve. The Lovely Days have done it. Self-produced and self-penned, this is without doubt one of the most obligatory EPs one can hear this year" Where The Music Meets (Portugal)

"Delivering a disarming level of hook and weight" Artist Direct (US)

'Exclusive EP Premiere' The Spill Magazine (Canada)

"This EP is certainly one that should be checked out and keep a close eye on The Lovely Days as I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from them in the near future!" Backstage Door (UK)

"(Lordness) it's like an energised shot in the arm, and an excellent taster for the fine new EP" Beehive Candy (US)

"I dare you to try and sit still while listening to this EP because the music just resonates from your ears all the way into your soul and makes you move" Im Music Magazine (US)

"The Lovely Days are a breath of fresh air on the Melbourne scene" Mojo Junction (Australia)

"Featuring bouncing drumbeats, hooky guitars and deliciously sweet harmonies it warrants repeat listens" Tonedeaf (Australia)

"Such a burst of joyful sunshine. Classic vibes that you just can't help but liking" Dave Ruby Howe JJJ Unearthed (Australia)